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Main Goal

My actual business is to provide sound nutrition education to my clients through individualized counseling, workshops and seminars.

My Company is remarkable because:

  • services are among the most economical
  • awesome customer service is provided¬†
  • Clients achieve¬† amazing results
  • Being the exclusive supplier of certain product in a certain area-Natural Herbs.
  • Supplying the best quality product around.
  • Fast or Free delivery if and when I begin to sell a product

We are here to help you design your own plan for living a healthier lifestyle.

For a fee (Users pay on line)

-Provide nutrition/health related information to the public
-Provide online Food and Nutrition exam reviews

-provide interesting recipes

-provide weight loss consultation

-Provide nutrition information specific diets

-Provide nutrition information on specific disease state

-provide information on plant-based diet


The mission of Healthy Living Nutrition Services is to enable clients to reap maximum health benefits by promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition education, nutrition training and healthy eating combined with physical activity.


Our purpose is to be the leading provider, as well as, the link to better nutrition and health. This is done by providing a wide range of nutrition choices to clients in their homes, communities and in social groups. Our individualized meal and activity plans are flexible enough to provide pleasure as well as good nutrition to all age groups. We encourage a healthy balance of nutritious food intake and activity. We encourage our clients to strive for, and maintain positive health indicators such as blood pressure, BMI, cardiac indicators, and overall healthy body weight.


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